What Happened When I Took L’Oreal’s 14 Day #RevitaliftChallenge

When I was young, I remember reading an article once that said, our skin looses elasticity beginning in our mid-20’s. So, the day I turned 23, I started using anti-aging products on my face religiously. Just in case! Seven years later, it’s still part of my daily routine.

See, I love the sun. I really do. And I know that’s it not good for my skin, but it’s not something I can give up right now. It makes me feel good. That said, my love for the sun is starting to show. I have sun spots on my face, and they’re not pretty. So in addition to now battling wrinkles, I’m trying to fade sun spots. Essentially what I’m trying to say is that I need anti-aging products more than ever now!

About four weeks ago, I was asked to be apart of L’Oreal’s 14 day #RevitaliftChallenge. Prior to agreeing to take the challenge, I had been using L’Oreal’s Age Perfect, and loving it. Thought I couldn’t necessarily see a difference in my skin, it felt great. (I’m a L’Oreal super fan, by the way. It’s my go-to skin care, hair care and mascara).

The #RevitaliftChallenge was to use Revitalift twice a day: once in the morning and once at night, for 14 days. And after day one, something incredible happened.  Check it out…

By the way, I still get carded almost every time I go out, so thank you L’Oreal!! 😝



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