48 Hours in…Charlotte, NC (Beer Edition!)

This past weekend, I continued my nationwide travel tour (or what feels like it anyway!), and headed to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit one of my besties and her husband. Lucky for me, these two love beer just as much as I do, so I got to taste a bit of North Carolina, one handcrafted, custom-brewed beer at a time. And, I’ve got to say…Charlotte has some good beers!

The night before we went Brewery hopping, we stayed in and hung out on the patio at home. My beverage of choice for the night: Lunatic Blonde, from Wicked Weed Brewing Company (Asheville, NC). It’s the perfect summer sip. A nice Belgian-style ale, with notes of wheat, citrus and a hint of Banana! Jess’s pick: Stupid Flanders Sour from Unknown Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC). Bryan’s pick: Baby Maker, Triple C Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC).

Now, time for the Breweries…

The Unknown Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC)

What a cool place! The interior of the brewery has a rustic, industrial feel – lots of wood and metal. Super cool. The best part of the decor? The massive hop chandelier! If I could, I’d put that thing in my house! It was one of the coolest, most unique things I’ve ever seen.

This photo doesn’t do it justice! Seriously, can I have one!?

BEER: my pick: Pre Game, a Session Ale. It was a pretty non-intimidating beer; light and citrusy. Went down easy and smooth. Could have had a few without even knowing! Jess’s pick: Year 3.5, this was a special anniversary brew; a year-aged barreled gueze. Bryan’s pick: Over the Edge, an American IPA.

Triple C Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC)

This was my favorite brewery. I just loved the decor – it was open and bright. High-top tables lined the outside of the space, communal tables filled the interior, and there were some regular dinner tables in the back. Loved the vibe, it was super chill.

The bar area inside of Triple C Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC)

BEER: I decided to take a different route with this one. There were too many good choices, so I opted for a flight. As did Jess, and we ended up choosing different beers so we had more to taste! Best choice we made all day.

My flight included Golden Boy (Blonde)  Zest-a-Peel, Cider w/ blueberries and Hyzer Hefeweizen. Jess’s flight: Zest-a-Peel, Cajun Stout, Cider w/ blueberries  and Eyes of the World (Porter). My pick: Golden Boy. Jess’s pick: Cajun Stout. Bryan’s pick: Greenway IPA.

I’ve got to say, I actually really liked the Cajun Stout too, which is something that I’d never, ever pick for myself. But it was really cool…it was a dark beer (obviously), full of flavor, with notes of coffee (like a Porter…), but had a warm heat to it from the Cajun spices. I’d totally be down to sip on one of these on a chillier fall night! (*Noted.)

Also, I need to give a shout out to Magnolia’s Poboys. The best fried shrimp I’ve had in a long time! The food truck sits outside of Triple C on select Sundays. Check the website for exact locations and times. They’re serving up New Orleans’ style grub, including a variety of Po’ Boys and Platters. So delish!

After Triple C, we wrapped up for the day. Had to! We were full, and feeling gooood. All in all, I was really impressed with the sheer amount of craft breweries in North Carolina. I had no idea that it had such a bustling beer scene! In fact, in the Charlotte area alone, there’s nearly 50 breweries! And if that wasn’t enough, earlier this year, Charlotte Five reported that another 21 are in the works. How wild is that?! Guess that means that I should start planning my next trip, huh?

Jess, Bryan…get my room ready!


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