6 Binge-Worthy Shows You Should Start Streaming ASAP

Let’s face it – we all like a good night in. Some more than others 🙋 but the inevitable happens every. single. time. You grab a drink, a snack and curl up on the couch only to “surf” for the next 20 minutes trying to find something to watch. It’s not for lack of content – it’s just…what are you in the mood for? And will it even be good? Cause let’s be honest…you don’t want to waste your perfect Friday night with something dumb and then wish you would have chose something else instead. We’ve all been there, amIright?

Well, I’m here to help to the inevitable from happening. One my most popular posts (of all time – weirdly!) was when I did a roundup of the some of the most “binge-worthy” shows streaming on Netflix. That list by the way, still great if you haven’t watched yet! But since then, the steaming service game has really stepped up – in a big way. Hulu has added their hat into the ring – creating some really compelling and unique content, along with Amazon Prime – which in addition to having some exclusive shows and movies, is also snagging top talent for their flicks.

So, I thought – it’s time for another roundup, and this time I included some shows from other streaming services. Check out my top six bingeworthy shows – for any mood – below.

Happy binging! 🍿

HANNA – Amazon Prime

Amazon did good with this one. This show is filled with twists and turns – so much so that you only get a piece of what’s to come in each episode – it hooks you! It’s not until the very end that you realize what the whole storyline is leading up to. This makes it super exciting to watch! The cast is totally badass; I love the two star characters – Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman (from “The Killing” – another AMAZING show!), and the girl who plays Hanna is unreal. The first episode is a little rough… so stick with it. And make sure you’re paying attention! There are details in each episode that are crucial to the entire plot. So sit tight. Promise it’s worth it.

Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix 

When I first saw this show and noticed that Drew Barrymore was starring – I was immediately excited! She’s starred in some of my favorite RomComs over the years and then sort of disappeared. So I was particularly excited when I saw her resurface in a Netflix original. If I were to describe this show is one word it would be…bizarre. It’s super lighthearted, fun, weird and quirky. It’s about a woman (Drew!) that gets this rare disease from eating a bad clam and now she can’t die and needs to eat people to survive. 😂 It’s one of those shows that you can either put on and watch – or put on and listen to in the background. It’s definitely entertaining and worth the watch.

The Umbrella Academy – Netflix

If you’re at all into the world of Marvel or DC then you definitely want to check out The Umbrella Academy. For me, it did take me about three episodes to really get into the storylines…but if you kind of force yourself to sit through – you’ll be hooked! The kid who plays one of the main characters -“Number Five”- is absolutely phenomenal, but who really steals the show is Klaus Hargreeves played by Robert Sheehan. I had never heard of him before the show but seriously the guy deserves an Oscar. In the midst of all sorts of stuff happening to this group of adopted brothers and sisters, there’s an underlying storyline that’s brought to light towards the end that’ll blow your mind. I can’t wait for season two!

Russian Doll – Netflix

Natasha Lyonne (of Orange is the New Black) is the star of this show – she plays Nadia, the main character who is forced to relive the same day over and over. It’s kind of like a modern day Groundhog Day (the movie). But there’s a reason that she keeps waking up (or some in cases, “dying” and then waking up again!) to the same day – which slowly begins to reveal itself towards the middle of the series. I will say, this show also took a little bit before it really got going, but the storyline consistently gets better. So if you’re not feeling it the first episode – give it another 1-2 epis to really allow the story to develop.

PEN15 – Hulu 

If you want to nearly pee your pants laughing as you watch a show, reliving what it’s like to be 13 again (#NOSTALGIA), then you need to watch PEN15. It’s a show about what it’s like to be a tween in middle school (set around year 2000) and trust me, you’ll go through all the feels as you watch two girls, Maya and Anna, who play themselves as teens, but are actually in real life in their 20s! 😂 The show relives all of those super awkward moments that girls (and guys!) go through as they try to navigate the world of transitioning from a kid to a young adult. Literally some of the cringe-iest moments I’ve ever watched – in any TV show or movie are in PEN15 — but in the best way possible! Do yourself a favor and turn back time with this one – you won’t regret it.

The Magicians – Netflix 

The Magicians is currently airing on the SYFY channel – in fact the season 4 finale just aired this past week actually, but I didn’t discover the show until couple of months ago when a friend of mine told me about it. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of Harry Potter and other whimsical type stuff like that, so I knew that I was going to like this one. Three seasons in and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! The show is about this magical world that lives within our regular society where there’s a group of magicians that are learning the ropes of magic only to discover a whole magical realm that exists that they thought was simply a childhood fairytale. It’s a really cool show that while seems like it may be a bit kid-like, it’s the farthest from it! The storylines are VERY grown up (some even sexy!) and the cast of characters are incredibly well developed and balanced. If you’re at all into fantasy and/or whimsey…this is definitely a show to watch.

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