Carolicious Provides a Taste of Venezuela, One Arepa at a Time

The “American Dream” was real for Carolina Salinas and Carolina Garcia, so they packed up, left Caracas, and headed for the states.  At first, they weren’t really sure what they were going to do, but shortly after arriving, they realized one of their passions could actually turn into a business.

In addition to local food fests, Carolicious can be spotted at the Artisan’s Asylum on Tuesdays, and at Aeronaut Brewing Co. on Wednesdays. They also cater!

Take it from me, Las Carolinas are not only two of the sweetest humans that I’ve ever met, they also make a mean arepa.

IMG_0977 (1)
Can they get any cuter?!?

Oh! And for those gluten-free peeps out there, they’re made with corn, so feel free to eat up. I certainly did!

This was the exact moment before I completely devoured my arepa.

Buen Provecho!

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