Courtney Osgood_Courtesy of Court About

Hi, I’m Courtney (aka Court!). Courtesy of Court is a passion project of mine.

As a former TV journalist turned publicist, I’ve always been fascinated with what’s “behind the scenes”. What makes people choose to go in the direction that they do? What fuels them? I want to know about people’s “a-ha” moments. When? Why? How? I’m a storyteller by nature – it’s in my DNA!

So, if you have a story, or know someone who does, please reach out! I’m always looking for fun and inspiring stories to share.

In addition to featuring people and places on Courtesy of Court, I love to travel, create, and try new things (from beauty to food, and everything in between!), so there’s no doubt that I’ll be sharing some of my personal experiences along the way.

Hope you enjoy!

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