Hi, I’m Courtney (aka Court!). Courtesy of Court is a passion project of mine. A storyteller by nature, connecting with people in the community to share their journeys with others, is in my DNA.

As a former TV journalist turned Boston-based publicist, I’m surrounded by incredible stories on a daily basis, most of which go untold! That’s not okay with me.

Without the hard work of entrepreneurs and small business owners in our communities, the local economy wouldn’t thrive. It’s because of these people, and their passions that we’re able to live in, and enjoy such vibrant cities.

My mission is to share those stories.

In addition to featuring people and places on Courtesy of Court,Β I love to travel, create, andΒ try new things (from beauty to food, and everything in between!), so I’ll be sharing some of myΒ personal experiences along the way.

Hope you enjoy!

Court xo Sig