Things That I’m Totally Obsessing Over This Month

In the marketing world, there are two main types of consumers – the early adopters and the main streamers.  The early adopters are the ones that jump on the newest trend as soon as it’s available; they want to touch, smell, experience whatever it is that’s new. The main streamers tend to wait until something is “tried and true”. Meaning, it’s been around for a little while,  so it’s not a fad, and it has had time to sort of prove itself.

I am an early adopter through and through. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be the first to try new things. (What is the deeper meaning behind that I wonder?) The first real example of this (that I can remember) was when I was in 7th grade. I bought myself a cell phone. And every year after that, I bought the newest version…just because. Most of my friends back then didn’t even have a cell phone! So, why did I need the newest one? I don’t know…guess that was the “early adopter” in me.

Another (more recent) example:  LipSense. This is now my second color, Peace Pink. Obsessssed!

Part of my job as a publicist, is to continuously be on top of the trends. What’s new, what’s cool, what are people going crazy for? So not only do I use this information in my professional life, but because it’s so relevant to me as a person, I find that my personal life is the one that get impacted the most. I often find myself either trying out new products, or jumping on a new trend almost immediately, so I thought, why not share my finds?

So, starting now, each month, I’ll share some things that I’m currently obsessing over. In other words, I’ll be your guinea pig. I’ll try out the latest and greatest so that you don’t have to! 😉

This month, I’ve rounded up a few picks that span from beauty to entertaining. 

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Pineapple Tumbler 17 oz, $14.99

First up, this ridiculously adorable pineapple tumbler. By now you must know my obsession with pineapples, so I when I saw this little guy, I just had to get it. In fact, I got two! Now if Mother Nature would just allow me to actually USE them sometime soon, that would be grrreat.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil, $12.99 (Got mine at CVS!)

Okay, so this stuff is supposed to essentially create miracles. Aka, stimulate hard-to-grow hair…to grow! Thanks to the 2000’s where thinner was better when it came to eyebrows, growing those bad boys back is #strugglecity.  At least for me. But Castor Oil is natural plant-based oil that’s known for helping to promote hair regrowth. I’ve been putting it on my eyebrows every day night for about a week and a half, and though it’s hard to tell if it’s actually doing anything yet, I’m encouraged.  They say you’ll notice results in 4-6 weeks, so I’m being patient. In the meantime, it smells great, and it’s making me feel like I’m making strides. I’ll take it!

Fancy Feet by Foot Petals, $5.49

My poor feet…I wear heels almost every day. Sometimes for 10-12 hours straight, so when I had the opportunity to try out foot petals, I felt like it was the universe’s way of saying, Courtney, you need to take better care of your feet. And I’ve been doing so ever since! These little inserts attach to the inside front of your shoe, and they help soften the surface of where the ball of your foot sits. The petals are also thin enough to where you can’t really tell that they’re there, only that your shoes are now a little more comfortable!

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe, $7

I have a love/hate relationship with salt sprays. Well, I should say that I used to have a love/hate relationship. Now, it’s all love. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe is everything. Not only does it smell amazing (a sweet mix of coconuts, pineapple and the sea – mmm), but it also leaves my hair soft and malleable,  which is totally unlike most salt sprays. I’ve tried a few different brands, and each time, my hair is left feeling dry and brittle. Not with this spray though! It’s now in my arson of “go-to” products. Dry or wet hair, this spray is bomb.

So there you have it! My finds for this month. As always, would love to hear from you! Tried any of my faves? Any questions? Comment below.

Court xo Sig

I received complimentary products from Fancy Feet and Not Your Mother’s in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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