Author: Courtney Osgood

Rocksbox: Designer Jewelry Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

When I’m leaving the house, no matter what my destination is (the beach, grocery store, dinner…), I’m always wearing two things: earrings and a ring. While I’m much more adventurous with my earrings, I still have my “old faithfuls”. ┬áSame goes with my rings. And up until about two months ago, I had this one

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A Beauty Secret Revealed: Peel-Off Lip Stain

I need to start off by saying…I’ve been keeping a secret. Not on purpose though! But I realized the other day that I needed to share it (it’s just not fair┬ánot to). I’ve been using a Korean beauty product for months now, that’s both super weird and also really cool. It’s a peel-off lip stain!

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What Happened When I Took L’Oreal’s 14 Day #RevitaliftChallenge

When I was young, I remember reading an article once that said, our skin looses elasticity beginning in our mid-20’s. So, the day I turned 23, I started using anti-aging products on my face religiously. Just in case! Seven years later, it’s still part of my daily routine. See, I love the sun. I really

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Spindrift: Sparkling Water with Personality

Every few months beverage companies like Polar Seltzer and the ridiculously trendy, LaCroix come out with new flavors to match the season, that make everyone swoon. They flock to the shelves to stock up on the newest flavors. Are they tasty? Sure. Do they have fun flavors? Oh yeah! Are they good for you? Well,

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How a Party Planner Turned Her Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Dream Job

If you’ve ever planned a birthday party, or any type of social event, you know how much work goes into it. A lot. Like, A LOT. So when I come across people that do it for a living, I’m in awe. The amount of energy, passion, attention to detail and patience that goes into planning

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