Author: Courtney Osgood

strolling down MarketStreet

This past weekend, I was invited to experience a sampling of what MarketStreet, one of the largest open-air marketplaces in the Greater Boston area, has to offer. Living just south of Boston, Lynnfield (on the North Shore) just isn’t a place that I frequent often. It’s about a 45 minute drive.

palms, pools, brews & views

The weather in Boston has been all over the place lately. I blogged a couple months ago about how excited I was that spring was almost here, and then just days later we got hit with freezing temps once again (spoke too soon, I guess!). Just this past weekend it was 82 one day and

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april obsessions

In the marketing world, there are two main types of consumers – the early adopters and the main streamers.  The early adopters are the ones that jump on the newest trend as soon as it’s available; they want to touch, smell, experience whatever it is that’s new. The main streamers tend to wait until something

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