Boston’s Newest Lash Bar Offers Up Luscious Lashes With a Side of Sass

With names like “Hunnay,” “Boss B,” and “YASS Queen,” you better be prepared to bring out your inner Sasha Fierce when you step into WinQ Lash Bar on Comm Ave in Brookline. The motto? Book. Nap. Slay. (snap!) I didn’t really understand what that meant… until I experienced a full-on lash extension session. Let me tell you, it’s an experience. One that frankly, I was completely clueless about!

Before WinQ, I thought that when getting lash extensions, you just sit in a chair (a nice, comfy one), and you tip your head back for like, I don’t know…twenty minutes? That was literally the complete opposite of my experience at WinQ. From the moment I walked in, I realized that this was much, much more than a “treatment,” but rather a spa experience. I was taken into a room that looked very similar to a massage room, equipped with what appeared to be a massage table. My lash expert, Liz, told me to get comfy! “Take your shoes off, if you want!” Don’t have to ask me twice! I slipped off my shoes and snuggled under the covers.

Before we started, Liz told me about the process, and how things were going to go during the next hour and forty (!!!) ish minutes. Then we got started. I asked a lot of questions. (I blame the journalist in me 😄). Liz was awesome about it though. She answered all my questions, and didn’t make me feel dumb for asking some of the more ridiculous questions. How many eyelashes does an average human have? I was curious! Answer: hundreds.

Midway through my session, I felt myself totally zoning out…I really only heard the music, and then all of a sudden I felt a quick jolt. “Did you doze off?” Liz asked. Geez! I guess I did! What the heck! Someone is literally holding on to my eyelashes, and I still managed to snooze for a minute? I was just so comfortable…

At the end of my session (I got the “Hunnay” service, by the way), my lashes were…LUSCIOUS. Big, bold and eye-catching. So much so that at first, I had to do a double-take. I just wasn’t used to seeing lashes that long (and that many of them!). Liz estimates that she adhered about 60 individual lash extensions onto my natural lashes to give me that full, doll-like look. Assuming I take care of them (and I will…), they should last a few weeks.

Final thoughts? I actually really love my extensions. To completely transparent, I was a little worried at first. It was just shocking for me to see. My eyes are already a pretty prominent feature on my face, so to see them to accentuated like they were in a blink of an eye (pun intended 😉), it was a little overwhelming. But within about a day, I was sold. Not only does it cut my daytime routine time by more than half, but I also feel “done up” even when I’m not! It’s a pretty powerful feeling as a woman.

So do I recommend? Definitely. Just make sure that you’re prepared when going in. Do a little bit of research. Maybe you don’t need a full set, maybe you just need a little boost on the outer corners, or maybe a few lashes interspersed within your natural lashes. Regardless, WinQ in Boston offers it all. Check out my experience in a nutshell:

Werk ladies, werk!

I was offered a complimentary lash session by WinQ in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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