How To Make: Fireball Cider Jell-O Shots

If you’re a twenty or thirty-something, it’s almost a sure bet that if you threw a party at your house, you were left with a bottle (or some remnants) of Fireball Whiskey. For whatever reason, it’s become one of those classic party staples. (I’m still trying to figure out why, to be honest…)

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Make Memories (& Delicious Food!) with Global Grub

I’m not really sure when exactly it was that I got into food and cooking, but it’s something that I have been interested in for as long as I can remember. It all started with my grandma. My mom’s mom.  The cutest little Romanian woman who had the food sense of a goddess. No measuring cups, no recipes, nothing – she just did her thing in the kitchen.

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How Aeronaut Brewing is Using Science to Brew its Suds

Trading in beakers for pint glasses, Ben Holmes and his team at Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville, are using their backgrounds in Science to help inform their decision-making process at the taps.

On June 21, 2014, the community embraced the new, experimental space with open arms. The grand opening of Aeronaut saw more than 800 people! Today, Ben says they’re ready to expand, and are in the process of exploring options.

"King Louis" - Aeronaut Brewing Co.
This little golden baby is called the”King Louis”. I’m not usually a fan of hoppy beers, and this definitely had the bitterness of hops, but it was super smooth and really easy to drink. It wasn’t until I finished it off that the bartender told me it was 9% ABV. Whoops! #DrinkResponsibly
Aeronaut Coasters
One of my favorite coasters on the wall at the brewery. Shout out to whoever created this masterpiece! Let’s be honest…when you’re at Aeronaut, what else are you doing!?

And now…can I get a drumroll, please? I’m proud(ish) to present…my coaster creation!

Aeronaut_Courtesy of Court Coaster
I always joke with my family that they got all the artistic genes, and I just got the gift of gab. I think I just proved my point with this piece. Seriously though, is that an ice cream cone or a microphone? You can be the judge! 🙂


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