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strolling down MarketStreet

This past weekend, I was invited to experience a sampling of what MarketStreet, one of the largest open-air marketplaces in the Greater Boston area, has to offer. Living just south of Boston, Lynnfield (on the North Shore) just isn’t a place that I frequent often. It’s about a 45 minute drive.

april obsessions

In the marketing world, there are two main types of consumers – the early adopters and the main streamers.  The early adopters are the ones that jump on the newest trend as soon as it’s available; they want to touch, smell, experience whatever it is that’s new. The main streamers tend to wait until something

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influencing boston

What do you get when you mix two extremely talented, influential women and one vibrant city? You get RPR, Boston’s newest integrated marketing and public relations agency. Robbin Watson, co-founder and public relations director at RPR, explains how the company’s innovative approach is poised to change the PR game.