Make Memories (& Delicious Food!) with Global Grub

I’m not really sure when exactly it was that I got into food and cooking, but it’s something that I have been interested in for as long as I can remember. It all started with my grandma. My mom’s mom.  The cutest little Romanian woman who had the food sense of a goddess. No measuring cups, no recipes, nothing – she just did her thing in the kitchen.

Me and Grandma Adela

I have fond memories with Grandma Adela. Most of which, we’re baking together in the kitchen. She was so good about letting me be involved. I think having me in the kitchen with her when she was baking or cooking, was probably one of her most cherished moments. I know it was mine! Sadly, she passed some time ago, but I’ve never, ever forgotten her ridiculously amazing cooking, and I’ve tried to carry on the legacy. My mom’s not much of a cook herself (she’s not bad), just never really gotten into like her mom, or like me. So, someone’s gotta do it!

Growing up, I was a “Plain Jane” eater. Give me some chicken fingers and I was good to go! But as I got older, I got more and more curious. I started experimenting with herbs, and then spice and now – toss me almost anything, and I’ll try it! Because really, why not? You may not like it, sure,  but what if you LOVE it? Isn’t it worth it? I think so.

So now that you understand a little bit about how food has played a role in my life, you’ll understand why I’m totally obsessed with Global Grub. Global Grub is a California-based company that’s making global cuisine accessible, by literally dropping it at your door step. From Japanese and Jamaican, to Mexican and Italian, their DIY kits allow you to create globally-inspired meals from scratch, in the comfort of your own home.

Just a few of the ingredients in Global Grub’s DIY Ravioli Kit.

This isn’t a subscription service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, these cooking kits are an experience. They come with the ingredients and the tools you need to make everything from scratch. Once you’re ready to cook, you just need to grab a few more things to finalize your recipe (the perishable goods!) and you’re ready to create. Global Grub calls this the “freedom factor”. It’s the ability to custom create and add-to your recipe in whatever way you want! For instance, if you have a vegetarian and you’re making sushi, then just grab a few veggies! If you want meat-filled ravioli, grab some meat! You get the idea.

Each kit comes with instructions on how to create your dish, and the company even has video tutorials up on their website for those that want to actually see how it works. They walk you step-by-step through the process, allowing you to turn raw ingredients into a delicious dinner for four (or more!).

When I got my kits in the mail, I couldn’t WAIT to try them out. First up, sushi! I’ve been dying to make at-home sushi for as long as I can remember. Honestly though, I just didn’t know where to go to get the rolling mat, and nori, so it’s been put on hold. But, alas! I’m now ready to roll. I grabbed a couple friends and we had a DIY sushi night in.

Rollin’ with my homies!

I was pleasantly surprised at how good I was at rolling sushi! The first one I rolled was pretty rice-heavy. *Tip – you only need a super thin layer of rice!! But the next one – pure perfection!

Having my friends there was the best part of the experience. Because really, that’s what Global Grub is all about. It’s about the experience of creating globally-inspired meals. It was so much fun taking turns packing up our sushi, and rolling it out. At one point, we were literally cheering each other on!

I don’t have kids, but I imagine moms with young kids would enjoy this just as much as a group of twenty – err– thirty somethings did! Memories like cooking with your parents (or in my case, grandparents), are ones that last a lifetime, so while the food is GREAT, the experience shared with whomever you choose – is worth so much more.

My next Global Grub cooking adventure will be taking on Ravioli! Going to tap into my inner Italian (I’m literally 0% Italian), for this one! 😂

If you want to go on a cooking adventure with me, use code COURT to save 10% off your kit. If you’re not a foodie, or don’t enjoy making food at home, you definitely know someone that does. These kits make AWESOME gifts! Instead of giving someone a gift card to go eat at a restaurant, give them an experience  – of creating a homemade globally-inspired meal at home – together!

Our finished sushi platter! (We ate the rest as we were making it, haha!)

Itadakimasu! (*The Japanese equivalent of “bon appetit!”)

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