I Got My Cat’s DNA Tested and Now Everything Makes Sense

I adopted my cat Meeko back in 2008 and  I’ll never forget the day that I got him. I did the whole “I’ll just see what they have…” thing at the local shelter. And of course, I saw this little nugget and I thought to myself, oh my gosh – I have to have him! He was the cutest little gray fur ball, full of energy running around and I completely fell in love with him.

Meeko at about a year old

It was pretty soon after (around 8 months) that I realized that Meeko was something special…his little paws were waaay too big for his body. Then, my vet confirmed it. “He’s going to be a BIG boy”. 😱

Little did I know that when she meant “big” she meant…BIG. Check out my (+Meeko’s!) story below on how we finally found out why my (not so) little Meeks was the way he was!

Basepaws kitty DNA tests are $95. But if you use this link (or this code: MEOWRCH-COURTNEY at checkout) you’ll get 10% off your test!

Kitty snuggles are the best snuggles!

Have you tested your kitty’s DNA? Or maybe your dog’s? Let me know. I want to hear about it! 👇

Basepaws provided me with a cat DNA kit in exchange for an honest review of the experience. All opinions are my own.

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