Get Tipsy on Chocolate with Boston’s Newest Boozy Biz

It’s not often that you find an alcohol-infused truffle, much less actually have the opportunity to make one yourself. But a brand-new business in Boston is now offering that chance. Enter, Tipsy Chocolates.

Another cool thing about Tipsy Chocolates, is that Anne wants to keep it local. She’s focusing on partnering with local distilleries that she can utilize to create her “tipsy centers”, the ooey-gooey, boozy ganache that goes into the center of the truffles! From Apple Brandy to Maple Rum, there’s no shortage of options.

FYI…I made these!!

To learn more about hosting a truffle-making class, or hopping on a Tipsy Chocolate Tour, head to Regardless what option you choose, one thing is for sure…it’s definitely going to be sweet.

Anne Wright, Tipsy Chocolates
Rule #1…it’s okay to lick your fingers! (Iris Mack Photography)


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