Place & Gather: Preppy New England Meets Sassy South Beach

Boston is – hands down – one the coolest cities in the country. I say that being a fairly avid traveler and resident Bostonian. I’ve traveled to a good deal of U.S. cities, and I appreciate all of them. They each bring their own unique style and flair, but none compares to my city.

Made up of more than a dozen unique communities within itself, Boston is home to some of the most charming towns. You’ve got Somerville, the Brooklyn of Boston, Jamaica Plain, the artsy, hipster hotspot, the Seaport, a once desolate spot with no T service (the horror!), to now a blossoming business center that has residents flocking to claim a spot in the newest high-rises that offer one of the only good views left of the city skyline.

And then there’s Charlestown. A quaint, brownstone-lined waterfront community overlooking the Charles River, with the city of Boston in its sites. It’s a beautiful spot, and one that’s highly sought after.

In June 2017, Charlestown welcomed a new neighborhood spot – Place & Gather. Within weeks, this little home decor and gift shop quickly became a “must-visit” when in town. Here’s their story.

In addition to seriously everything you can even imagine when it comes to home decor, Place & Gather also hosts fun after-work events, workshops and classes. For more info, visit:

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