Ready, Set, Teatox!

I hate tea. Always have. But I so desperately want to like it. I’ve tried so many times. I’ve tried all the styles – green, black, herbal. All the flavors – from fruits to flowers. Cold. Hot. You name it, I’ve tried it.

So when I was approached by LumiTea, a Miami-based tea company to partner with them, I honestly didn’t know what to say. Do I really want to go down this path again? Before making any rash decisions, I did my research. What I found was astonishing; the reviews on LumiTea are nothing short of incredible. People are obsessed with this tea!

After reading dozens upon dozens of rave reviews, I decided that perhaps it was time to give the tea game another try. I opted for the popular 30 Day Detox – a combo of Skinny Tea (morning time tea to bust bloat), and Colon Cleanse (nighttime tea to clear the pipes!).

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While I’m only  a couple days in (and going strong, I might add!), I’ve got to say…the tea isn’t that bad. I mean,  clearly I’m no tea person (as noted above), but it’s super light and not overly flavorful (which to me is a good thing!). And it seems to be working. I won’t go into too many details (ha!), but the Skinny Tea in the morning keeps me full until lunch, and the Colon Cleanse is just strong enough to where it works, yet not too powerful so to change/interrupt my normal routine. So, yeah! Me and my “teatox” are off and running!

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Perfect timing too, because in 30 days (to be exact), I’ll be laying on the sunny beaches of Key West! So, if anyone is interested in teatoxing with me, use my code “COURTNEY” at checkout to get 20% off!

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Ready, set, teatox!

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  1. this made me laugh out loud because I’m the same way…I just DONT like tea! I’ve tried so hard lol glad the detox is working for you!

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