Rosé All Day: Meet Rosé Water, a New Wine x Water Hybrid That’s Making a Splash This Summer

The summer of 2020 will be one that we’ll never forget. In fact, it’s likely that it’ll be included in the history books for years to come. And sadly, not for a good reason. Remember on Dec 31, 2019 when literally everyone was talking about how 2020 will be THE YEAR! …thinking back, I wish I would have asked “the year of what exactly? Just need to clarify so that I’m prepared…” 😆

BUT – despite all the craziness that’s gone on over the last few months, 2020 has given us some gems and for that – I’m thankful. For example, the booze business – THRIVING! Why? Because everyone is at home and what the heck else is there to do! 🤷🏻‍♀️ {PSA: I’m not condoning binge drinking, nor am I promoting it as a form of medication, I’m simply stating that it is more than OK to enjoy an adult bev (as long as you’re 21+!) every once in a while.😉}

Now, this leads me to why we’re all here today. There’s a brand new adult wine bev on the block that’s literally blowing up. It’s already been named as one of the top drinks for summer by various magazines and it JUST launched nationwide in May. 😱 It’s called Rosé Water.

Yes. You read that right. It’s rosé and water. Rosé Water. You know what the best part is? (I mean, there are many…but this one is pretty great). It’s literally just wine and water! Nothing else. No “added flavors” or “natural essences”. BTW – you guys know that it’s not really natural when it says that, right? It’s a whole thing! But anyway – it’s true! Rosé Water is a proprietary blend of grapes from France (Loire Valley) mixed with sparkling water sourced from one of the cleanest water sources in the world – the Austrian Alps. 🤯

Brilliant, right!? So, while I can sit here and talk about how great Rosé Water is – I figured why not just go straight to the one who created it? I connected with Rob Kuchar, the co-founder of Rosé Water to ask him to explain the story behind this first-of-its-kind wine x water hybrid and what makes it so unique.

Rob and Amy Kuchar, co-founders of Rosé Water

CO: Let’s start with the product. Tell me about Rosé Water.

RK: Rosé Water is a brand new wine beverage with two simple ingredients – wine and water; it’s the first innovation in the newly created “wine water” category. What’s great about our product is that the blending of the water doesn’t negatively impact the palate profile the wine lover enjoys because wine is approximately 80% water. So, mixing our proprietary style of Rosé with some of the cleanest water on the planet creates a delicious, refreshing beverage that’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

I can attest to that! 😋 So why the desire to pursue this path and not just create another regular rosé?

There are plenty of amazing rosés, but they all have one limitation – high alcohol for someone with an active lifestyle. There is a large segment of the population that love wine and the flavors it brings. The missing piece has been a low alcohol wine that is refreshing, clean, and packaged in an on-the-go container. 

Makes sense. And the cans are sooo cute, btw! 😍

Credit: Rosé Water

Rosé Water is a disrupter – that’s clear. There’s nothing out there like it right now. Looking at the specs – it’s 69 calories, 0 grams of sugar, gluten free, GMO free and vegan. That’s insane! So beyond that exhaustive list (very impressive by the way, haha!) – tell me what makes Rosé Water different.

Rosé Water is the only on-the-go low alcohol adult beverage we know of that has zero additives such as flavoring, sugar, concentrate, etc.

Ah, that’s a great point. I feel like the whole “natural” ingredients thing is a movement right now – especially in the adult beverage industry. But natural isn’t really natural, is it?

No, “natural” isn’t really natural at all. Typically when packaging lists that a product includes something like, “contains natural flavors” – what that means is that those ingredients have likely been extracted from plants or animals and contain “other” ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, all products that are truly free of additives and unnatural ingredients have a shorter list of ingredients, all of which are easily identifiable and commonly used in products used for consumption. For example: herbs, fruits and spices.

Because it’s new and so unique, it may be hard for people to understand what it is, although it’s simple. What’s a common misconception about Rosé Water that you want to clear up right from the get? 

It’s not sweet or fruity. Its dry, fresh and clean!

Ooo, that’s a great point! I think right now, as the world of hard seltzers is continuing to grow, we’re so accustomed to very sweet, artificial tasting beverages – but that’s definitely not the case with Rosé Water, which is why I personally like it! Ok – so we talked a bit about what makes Rosé Water different (above), but explain a bit more about the wine industry itself.

Historically wine has been somewhat of a status symbol, and innovation within the industry was not well accepted. The focus has always been to make better wine, not how to innovate beyond that goal. But personally, I love this industry because of the farmers. The romance of wine is all about the vineyards. To me, Rosé Water and the Wine Water category as a whole, will increase the number of vineyards globally, and that inspires me.

So, what’s next for Rosé Water?

Well, for now we’re looking to continue expanding Rosé Water’s distribution across the U.S. so that we can make it accessible for everyone. Right now, we’re currently available in 700+ retailers in 15 states including North Carolina, Massachusetts, Chicago and New Jersey. We’re hoping to double that number by the end of the year. Beyond that, we think that there’s much more innovation to be discovered in the new wine water category and we’re already exploring it! Stay tuned for more to come there because we’ve just gotten started.

Final thoughts…if there’s one thing that you’d like people to take away from Rosé Water’s story and the mark you’re trying to make on the industry, what is it?

Vines, and the grapes they produce, allow wine makers to craft one of the great artistic treasures that has been cherished for centuries. My hope is that Rosé Water and the Wine Water category as a whole will set the stage to tell a much bigger story. 

This has been awesome, Rob – thank you. Anything else you’d like to mention/highlight that you think is important before we wrap? 

Without water, good clean water, the vines would not be able to yield grapes. As amazing as wine is, water is the greatest natural resource we have. Having free access to clean water is one of the greatest human rights. Similarly, Rosé Water would not be as clean without good water. We’re thankful for this being possible, and as a way to “give back” we’ve committed to donating a portion of our profits to Cape Fear River Watch, a local organization in our hometown of Wilmington, NC, to help ensure clean water continues to be accessible.

For more information about Rosé Water or to find out where you can get your hands on some yourself, visit And don’t forget to give them a follow on social media @RoseWineWater on IG and \RoseWineWater on FB.


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