48 Hours in…Minneapolis, MN

Earlier this week, I spent 48 hours in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prior to this trip, I’d never been. Things I’ve heard over the years about Minneapolis:

  • It’s really cold.
  • It’s in the middle of nowhere.
  • It’s the place that no one wants to go to, but doesn’t want to leave when they get there.
  • It’s really, really cold.

Things I’ve now learned:

  • Okay so, yes – it’s cold…during the winter. But they DO have a spring and a summer! Sadly, I wasn’t blessed with the nicest weather while I was there, but I wouldn’t call 60 and partly sunny, bad. At all.
  • It kind of is in the middle of nowhere. At least for me! (I’m an East Coast girl through and through!) Thing is, it’s on the water, so you don’t feel like there’s nothing around. It feels vibrant and full of life.
  • I totally get why people say that they don’t want to come and then don’t want to leave. Minneapolis was never on my list of places to visit. Just wasn’t. That’s because I really had no idea about it. But, it’s a really freakin’ cool city! There is so much LIFE and art and culture. And it’s just the cutest. Half vintage, with old signage from the 1800’s still standing tall, and brand-new complexes and architecture that brings a modern, sophisticated vibe to the city. Reminds me a bit of Chicago (another city that I absolutely love!), except smaller.

While I only spent two days in Minnesota, I had the best tour guide – Ashley, a Minnesota-native and local Minneapolis business owner. Ashley runs and manages Paint Nite and Plant Nite in Minneapolis.

Ashley showing off her super organized painting library!

Knowing we essentially had about five hours to see Minneapolis (this was a work trip, so there were many items on the “agenda” already!), Ashley put together a mini tour that allowed us to see the sweetest snapshot of her city. I loved it so much, that I had to share.

Planning on being in the area? Check out my recos, below.


Consider the AC Hotel Minneapolis Downtown. The AC Hotels are the newest branch of hotels by Marriott. Known for their sleek design and chic style, this hotel is built for busy, professionals who appreciate the youthful nature and vibrancy of the space.

The rooms are ridiculously spacious! I had a King bed, which came with two leather arm chairs, a small coffee table and rug. It was the perfect little spot to hang, without having to sit at the desk, or on the bed. No one can do taupes and browns like the AC can, I must say!

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Visit the “Amber Room” (aka “the yellow room”) in the Guthrie Theater. It’s a room that’s literally all yellow! The original architect purposely designed it this way. The color yellow has been proven to elicit the feeling of happiness, and when seeing it, the brain actually releases endorphins into your system that trigger that feeling! That’s the exact feeling that the architect wanted everyone to experience when they came into the room.

When standing in the middle of the yellow room, you can see a panoramic view of the Mississippi River, including the Stone Arch Bridge. It’s a breathtaking site, and an experience for the books!

Amber Room, Guthrie Theater (Courtesy: prong.horn touring)


A must-see is the new U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, and the upcoming Superbowl LII. This brand-new stadium is simply stunning. But the detail that the architects and city took to make the space so special, is admirable. From the replica stone bridge in front of the stadium’s opening, to the purple football shaped bike racks, it’s definitely a sight to see!

Entrance to the Vikings’ Stadium.


Try Fulton Beer. Brewed and batched right in NE Minneapolis, this local brewery pumps out some seriously awesome brews. I tend to like the lighter ales myself, so if you’re like me, try the Fulton Lonely Blonde. It’s light, but full of flavor and super refreshing.

Fulton Brewing Company, Minneapolis (Courtesy: @FultonBeer)


Check out The Freehouse in the North Loop. This brew house and eatery features an array of options from snacks to “handhelds” (sandwiches). New to Minnesota? Try the cheese curds! I was hesitant at first (we don’t have such a thing on the menu in Boston!), but was thankful that I took the chance! These little pillows of cheese are so decadent. The perfect bite. The curds come with a swipe of spicy sauce on the side, along with a dollop of applesauce (!? Yep!). You get the option of adding some heat, or some sweet. Want a bit of both? Double dip! I did, and it was delish!😊


Have any other must-visits while in Minneapolis? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below. Happy Travels!

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