Stay Alfred: Boutique Hotel Meets Vacation Rental

A couple weeks ago I was talking to my friend Michele about how much I wanted to do a “staycation”. You know, where you pretend you’re on a mini vacation by renting a hotel room and hitting the town like a tourist in your own city. Seriously, how fun!? It’s like playing dress up…kinda.

Anyway! Shortly after that conversation (which ended by us going, “yeah…we should” and moved on to talking about something else), I came across Stay Alfred. The name alone had me intrigued…🤔 Stay Alfred is mix between a boutique hotel and a vacation rental. You essentially get the freedom, flexibility and feel of a vacation rental, but have the convenience of hotel service at your finger tips – if/when you want it. For me, that’s the way I like to travel. No need to come clean my room every day…I’m not that dirty!

Last week, I took Stay Alfred up their offer to stay overnight at one of their properties in Boston – the beautiful Garrison Square in Back Bay. Seriously, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Once I agreed, I texted Michele. Our staycation dreams are coming true!

We stayed in a cute two bedroom apartment equipped with a full kitchen, dining room and in-room laundry! The apartment was bright and spacious – perfect for a little getaway.

After we unpacked, we had to head to The Garden – the Bruins were playing and Stay Alfred hooked us up with tickets!

Two beers and a Bruins win later (woo!), we made our way back to our apartment and passed out for the night.

In the morning, we snacked on some berries and pastries that the SA team had left for us. We had a late checkout, so Michele set up shop at the dining room table and started to work (!?) while I caught up on The Bachelor finale. Worth another…!?!, I know.

Soon after, we packed up and drove all of 15 minutes to get home.  While in the car, we talked about how much fun the past 24 hours had been and how cool it was to stay in a “hotel” in our backyard (practically), because it felt like we were somewhere else!

Stay Alfred doesn’t just have properties in Boston, by the way – they’re everywhere! Nashville, Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans – the list goes on. One thing in particular that I like about Stay Alfred is that they take the guess work out of trying to figure out the best place to stay while you’re visiting a city. They strategically choose their properties so that they’re in located in the “hot spots”- those must-visit areas of popular cities. As an avid traveler, this is huge! I can’t tell you how much time I spend researching different areas of a city before I go – especially when I’m traveling alone – for obvious reasons.

Whether you’re entertaining the idea of a “staycation” or planning an actual vacation, I highly recommend checking out Stay Alfred. Use code: YOURPLACE to save 10% on all bookings through the Stay Alfred website.

Safe and happy travels!


This post was sponsored by Stay Alfred. All opinions are my own. 



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