Pre-Spring Fever Spurs a TjMaxx Shopping Spree

Last week, Bostonians everywhere were running around town in sunnies and shorts, soaking up the (almost) 60 degree weather. This pre-spring fever is something that happens every year around this time. Mother Nature kindly reminds us of what’s to come, and we thank her in return by waking up early, and staying out late, drinking in every. single. moment.

Something else happens during this time for some, and it hit me particularly hard this year. Time to clean and re-decorate! This mini pre-spring-cation had me itching to brighten up my space! See ya later blackout curtains, hello sheer white beauties. (I may or not be deeply regretting this decision…).

So, with a little “spring” in my step, I headed out to Tuesday Morning, one of my favorite home goods stores. After combing through the aisles , unfortunately (or fortunately, if you ask my bank account), it was a big o’ fail. Nada. This is typical though for me. Either I score big, or end up getting nothing at all. Anyway! This little hiccup was not about to stop me. Next up, TJ Maxx!

In typical “Courtney fashion”, I walked in and made a beeline to the back of the store. Just as I was about to start on the aisle to the far left, this glorious, fuzzy white cloud started calling my name. I was drawn to it like a magnet: a faux sheep skin rug. I had to have it!

Faux Sheep skin rug
Don’t you just want to lay down and roll around on this?!

This super soft piece of fluff fit great in my home office. I swapped out a burgundy carpet for this ivory rug, and it totally brightened up the room. The perfect addition. And, I’m not the only one who thinks so!

World, meet Meeko. Meeko, meet the world.

As I was going up and down the aisles, scoping out the goods, there were so many cute things, but ehh, not for me. Then…there was she was. Just staring at me from the back wall…

The beauty that is this gold pineapple.

This chic, gold pineapple made my kitchen complete!

Pineapple in the kitchen
Secretly hoping that this new addition will inspire me to be better at taking care of dishes more often! Wishful thinking? Probably.

Office, check. Kitchen, check…

Snapping out of my pineapple-hypnosis, I immediately saw this beautiful canvas full of feathers. Silvers and whites paired with soft pinks and blues… mine!


Given that my bedroom already has a white/grey theme, deciding where to put this baby was a no-brainer.

Not sure if above the bed is proper feng shui, but it’s pretty nonetheless!

Ok, let’s recap.

Office, check. Kitchen, check. Bedroom, check.

Oh! You thought I was done? No no…there’s more. Two shirts, and a pair of Coach sneaks later, my final snag was this adorable “thank you” card set that I literally cannot stop staring at.

Can someone please do something nice ASAP so that I can send one of these out?
Can someone please do something nice ASAP, so that I can send one of these out?

Needless to say, after this fun-filled outing, I came home, put everything up, and managing to stay awake just long enough to admire it for a few moments, until passing out in the sun for a well-deserved nap.

The best part about this shopping experience? My house feels fresh and new! It’s bright, it’s clean, and I feel energized. Though we’re still deep in the winter season here in Boston, I’m prepped and ready to welcome spring with open arms (and windows!).

In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be snuggling up on my new rug with Meeks!

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