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Spindrift: Sparkling Water with Personality

Every few months beverage companies like Polar Seltzer and the ridiculously trendy, LaCroix come out with new flavors to match the season, that make everyone swoon. They flock to the shelves to stock up on the newest flavors. Are they tasty? Sure. Do they have fun flavors? Oh yeah! Are they good for you? Well,

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How Aeronaut Brewing is Using Science to Brew its Suds

Trading in beakers for pint glasses, Ben Holmes and his team at Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville, are using their backgrounds in Science to help inform their decision-making process at the taps. On June 21, 2014, the community embraced the new, experimental space with open arms. The grand opening of Aeronaut saw more than 800 people! Today,

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DDP: Satisfying the Sweet Tooth of Bostonian’s, One Cake Slice at a Time

It all began at the age of four, when Carlene O’Garro started baking alongside her mom in the kitchen. It was love at first bake. But as she grew up, life happened, and while her love of baking remained, her dream almost died. Interested, but not sure what to grab? DDP’s top five fan faves: Orange

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The Secret Behind the Success of Harry’s Breakfast and Lunch in Roslindale

What was once a small town diner known to only Roslindale/West Roxbury natives, is now one of Boston’s best kept secrets. Chris Venuti, co-owner of Harry’s Breakfast and Lunch, shares the secret behind its success.