Rosé All Day: Meet Rosé Water, a New Wine x Water Hybrid That’s Making a Splash This Summer

The summer of 2020 will be one that we’ll never forget. In fact, it’s likely that it’ll be included in the history books for years to come. And sadly, not for a good reason. Remember on Dec 31, 2019 when literally everyone was talking about how 2020 will be THE YEAR! …thinking back, I wish I would have asked “the year of what exactly? Just need to clarify so that I’m prepared…” 😆

BUT – despite all the craziness that’s gone on over the last few months, 2020 has given us some gems and for that – I’m thankful. For example, the booze business – THRIVING! Why? Because everyone is at home and what the heck else is there to do! 🤷🏻‍♀️ {PSA: I’m not condoning binge drinking, nor am I promoting it as a form of medication, I’m simply stating that it is more than OK to enjoy an adult bev (as long as you’re 21+!) every once in a while.😉}

Now, this leads me to why we’re all here today. There’s a brand new adult wine bev on the block that’s literally blowing up. It’s already been named as one of the top drinks for summer by various magazines and it JUST launched nationwide in May. 😱 It’s called Rosé Water.

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