Boston’s Newest Fitness Studio Offers Up a New Way to Sweat


In a sea of spin bikes, Sweat Fixx is standing alone. Using rowers to guide the workout, Elise Caira’s studio in Wakefield, is offering Bostonians’ a new way to sweat.  

Ready to start a new ROWmance? Here’s a quick guide.

Newbie? Try Row Fixx. This workout provides heart-pumping cardio via the water-based rowing, with an added element – sculpting exercises on the mats!

Motivated by others? Battle Fixx may be your new best friend. Working in teams, you’ll work together (tag-team style) to achieve the ultimate total body workout, while battling to claim the top spot on the #MyFixx leader board.

For more information about Sweat Fixx, visit them online, or follow them on Instagram @SweatFixx and Facebook/SweatFixx.

Class is in session! #SweatFixx
SweatFixx swag available for sale in the lobby.
Seriously, can those tanks get any cuter!?

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  1. Looks Great!!! Can’t wait to try the rowers. Rowed as a kid in Nahant! Will have to wait to sign up till after my carpel tunnel repair next week.

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