Wagwan Jerk Bar: Caribbean-Style Cuisine with a New England Twist

I first met Shawn and Ryan Heide in November of last year. A friend of mine had been raving about this new company that was serving up delicious Jamaican-style food – something that you don’t easily find in Boston – and she suggested I reach out because she knew that it was a story that hadn’t yet been told. Right up my alley! 

I was heading to the Berkshires with some friends that weekend and after reaching out to the guys they told me they’d be at the Waltham Farmers’ Market selling their food. Perfect! It’s on my way. I rolled up on Saturday morning, my first coffee in hand, and there was a line at this one booth – about eight people deep. I couldn’t tell when I was walking up what booth it was, but as I approached I realized that it was Wagwan Jerk Bar.

It was about 10am and the guys were serving up Jerk Chicken and Pork with Jamaican “pees”, plantains, sweet potato hash and Brussels and people were all in. Not your typical “breakfast food”, but it didn’t matter. This food was that  good. It was that moment that I knew –  Wagwan Jerk Bar was something special.

Courtesy: Wagwan Jerk Bar

With the summer now in full swing and the farmers’ markets back in gear buzzing with people looking for locally-sourced goods and top-notch local eats, Wagwan Jerk Bar is also back in business! Knowing how good the food was, and how much people were anticipating their return, I headed back to the Waltham Farmers’ Market to talk to Ryan and Shawn – the brothers behind Wagwan Jerk Bar. Here’s their story.

You can learn more about Wagwan Jerk Bar by visiting their site: wagwanjerkbar.com, or by following them on social media @WagwanJerkBar. 

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